Election FAQ

Elections in Kenya: March 4 General Elections

The upcoming Kenyan elections will be the first general election under, and the first major test of, the new constitutional, legal and institutional framework. While the reform process has been marked with notable challenges, late amendments and constrained procurement timeframes, the improvements that have been made offer hope for upcoming elections to be free, fair and transparent. 

IFES' frequently asked questions (FAQs) Elections in Kenya: March 4 General Elections explain the effects of the violence from the 2007 elections, important aspects of the new constitution, improved voter registration processes and addresses questions such as: 

  • What challenges has the election commission faced while organizing these elections? 

  • Why was biometric voter registration used to create the new voter's roll?

  • What efforts have been made to ensure the physical safety of Kenyans who want to vote?

  • How will election disputes be adjudicated?

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