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Elections in Ukraine: October 28 Parliamentary Elections


On October 28, Ukrainians will go to the polls to fill 450 seats in the country’s national legislature, the Verkhovna Rada. These parliamentary elections will be the first since 2002 to be held under a mixed system of single-member districts and party lists’ proportional representation, marking a significant shift in Ukraine’s legislative structure. Additionally, the polarized political situation in the country, limited public confidence in political figures, the absence of key opposition figures from the roster of candidates and concerns about recent trends in the media will make this an important test for Ukrainian democracy.

To offer insight into the backdrop of these important elections, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems has put together a series of frequently asked questions (FAQs). Among the topics explored in Elections in Ukraine: October 28 Parliamentary Elections are:

  • What is the current political situation in Ukraine?
  • How will the October 28 parliamentary elections be administered?
  • Why are these parliamentary elections important?
  • What political parties are contesting the elections?

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