The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) works closely with electoral stakeholders in Libya to enhance the professionalism of electoral authorities and increase civic engagement among voters. IFES seeks to increase the professionalism and transparency of government institutions with election-related responsibilities by building their capacity through technical support. More specifically, IFES provides technical support on strategic planning, electoral regulations and procedures, strategic communications, campaign finance, and electoral dispute resolution. IFES also supports Libya’s election commission on developing and implementing special provisions to promote the inclusion of marginalized populations, particularly women and persons with disabilities, in the electoral process.

IFES partners with Libyan civil society organizations to enhance civic engagement through efforts to promote a higher level of public understanding of processes related to Libya’s political transition. In order to further ensure an inclusive democratic transition in Libya, IFES coordinates efforts by disabled persons organizations, lawmakers, and activists to advocate for increased access for persons with disabilities to electoral and political processes, as well as enhances women’s participation in the political process and decision-making in Libya.