Rallying for Gender Equality in Georgia


30 May 2013

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In May 2013, 150 citizens gathered on the steps of the Parliament of Georgia. This number, 150, represented each seat in Parliament, and served as part of a symbolic demonstration to illustrate society’s desire for a legislative body that is more representative of the population it serves. Currently, the Parliament of Georgia has only 17 women. The demonstration, titled “Choose Democracy!brought 75 men and 75 women together, representing a more inclusive government. This gathering, which was part of a larger rally for gender equality, united more than 500 civic activists, journalists and students from 15 towns and 10 regions of Georgia.


The rally was initiated by the IFES-supported Gender Equality Network – a network of over 20 nongovernmental organizations united for increased gender equality – and the Journalists’ Network for Gender Equality to raise awareness of Georgian citizens, Members of Parliament and government officials on gender equality, empowerment and increased women’s political participationThis gallery captures the success of the “Choose Democracy!” movement.

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