Election Officials and Trust in Elections

Partnering with election management bodies to enhance their strategic, crisis, and digital communications capabilities.

IFES is the leading implementer and thought leader on Election Management Body (EMB) Responses to Information Integrity Challenges and has developed a range of resources to support election authorities. 

IFES works in partnership with EMBs to enhance their strategic, crisis, and digital communications capabilities, enabling them to identify and preempt information crises and communicate in ways that promote transparency and trust in the electoral process.  

To foster collaborative, whole-of-society responses to misinformation, disinformation, and dangerous speech, IFES builds bridges between EMBs and social media and technology companies, as well as between EMBs and civil society, the media, and other state institutions. IFES also supports peer exchange among EMBs as they work to address information integrity challenges. 

By helping election authorities develop codes of conduct for online campaigning, monitor misleading and incendiary content related to elections, and create engaging and informative digital voter education materials, IFES offers a range of support designed to meet the unique needs of different EMBs