Hayya Ahmed, Deputy Country Director, Sudan

Hayya Ahmed

Hayya Ahmed serves as the International Foundation for Electoral Systems’ (IFES) deputy country director in Sudan. She has over 22 years of experience working with a diverse array of international organizations and public sector institutions in areas ranging from governance mechanisms to elections, citizen engagement, policy advocacy and civic and voter education in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. She brings several years’ experience in developing and managing diverse program teams and intensive grant award projects for the United States Agency for International Development, World Bank, UK aid and the European Union.

Her most recent IFES assignment was in Malawi as a strategic communication advisor and head of office. Prior to that Ahmed worked with IFES in Africa as a strategic communications advisor to provide technical assistance to election management bodies in Liberia, Malawi and Nigeria to enhance transparency and credibility through timely and accurate information sharing, improving digital and traditional media interface and to monitor misinformation and fake news. She has also conducted trainings on countering fake news and disinformation in Zimbabwe.

In Liberia, she headed the program side of the “Liberia Elections and Political Transition” project, which provided significant technical support to the National Elections Commission in all aspects of election administration and management, including voter education, inclusion and subgrants, for the successful conduct of the 2017 election.

Prior to this, she worked to enhance parliamentary transparency and access in Pakistan. Earlier, she worked as a project lead to develop and implement mechanisms to strengthen government-citizen engagement strategies for the security and justice sector in areas of high security risk in Pakistan. In Iraq, Ahmed worked as component lead and senior advisor for a program that worked in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Rights and Iraqi Parliament to improve the access of marginalized Iraqis to their rights and entitlements provided by the state. In Afghanistan she worked as director of strategic communication for an Office of Transition Initiatives project.

Ahmed holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and English literature and a master’s degree in mass communication and has received extensive training in gender.



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