Elections in Senegal: March 25 Run-off Presidential Election

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23 Mar 2012

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What were the results of the first round of the presidential election on February 26?

On Tuesday, March 6, two days before the official deadline, the Constitutional Council of Senegal announced the final results of the first round of the presidential election. The candidates who obtained the most votes were as follows:

  • Abdoulaye Wade (incumbent): 34.81%
  • Macky Sall: 26.58%
  • Moustapha Niasse: 13.20%
  • Ousmane Tanor Dieng: 11.30%
  • Idrissa Seck: 7.86%


What was the voter turnout rate?

Voter turnout for the first round was 51.58 percent. This is significantly lower than it has been in recent years, with turnout rates of 70.62 percent and 62.23 percent for the 2007 and 2000 presidential elections, respectively.

Which political parties will be represented in the second round?

Abdoulaye Wade represents the political party in power, Parti Democratique Senegalais (PDS), and is competing as the candidate of the Coalition of Allied Forces for Victory (FAL 2012), while Macky Sall leads the Alliance pour la République (APR).

All 12 losing candidates from the first round election and other prominent opinion leaders, including the Movement Y’en a Marre and popular singer Youssou N'Dour, have come together to support Macky Sall under the banner of the coalition Benno Bokk Yaakaar.

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