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Elections in Tunisia: The 23 October Constituent Assembly

On 23 October, Tunisians head to the polls for the first time since President Ben Ali's government was toppled. 

IFES released an updated and expanded list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the October 23 election for a National Constituent Assembly, the body charged with writing a constitution in one year.  

Questions answered in this latest document include:

  • What is the National Constituent Assembly? What is its mandate?
  • How was voter registration conducted, and how were voters registered?
  • What are the rules on candidate registration, campaigning and campaign finance?
  • What are the rules that media should follow during the electoral campaign?
  • What is the state of political parties in Tunisia?
  • What provisions have been made to accommodate voters with physical or mental disability, or illiterate voters?
  • Who will monitor the elections?
  • What are the Election Day procedures?  

Read the full document here.

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