Voter registration

Credible, accurate and transparent voter registration enables all eligible voters to exercise their right to vote

Voter registration is the gateway to participation in elections. When the process is accurate and inclusive, it helps to enfranchise all eligible voters. However, a flawed voter registration process can disenfranchise eligible voters and therefore undermine the legitimacy of an entire election. IFES works with election management bodies (EMBs) and other institutions to identify, test and implement appropriate voter registration systems and technology; design and plan voter registration strategies and activities; and assist with audits and analysis of voter registration data to ensure the accuracy of voter rolls. IFES leverages its experience working with EMBs across regions to draw and apply lessons learned from the implementation of voter registration systems and strategies that fit different contexts.

Underlying IFES support to EMBs is a systematic focus on the transparency, inclusiveness, sustainability and accessibility of the voter registration process, and the accuracy of the resulting voter register. Particularly when new technologies are considered, IFES works to ensure decision makers have sufficient information about the available options and their benefits and drawbacks; to foster consensus among stakeholders regarding any reforms to the voter registration process; and to provide voters with comprehensive information about the process.

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