Electoral Justice/Election Dispute Resolution

The effective resolution of electoral complaints is integral to the integrity and legitimacy of an election. If the rules governing the resolution of election claims are incoherent or do not provide for effective remedies, or if arbiters are biased or poorly trained, the adjudication process can destabilize governments, undermine public trust, and engender violence. To avoid these outcomes, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) works to: ensure the compliance of electoral justice systems with international and regional public law obligations; promote effective and fair investigation and arbitration processes by training relevant stakeholders and supporting voter education campaigns; and develop appropriate triage and case management systems to handle claims in a timely manner.

Throughout the past three decades, IFES has been dedicated to working with election management bodies and other stakeholders to develop effective methods for the resolution of complaints in an effort to guarantee the integrity and legitimacy of elections around the world. 

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