Media & elections

Independent, impartial and fact-based media strengthens democracy and election integrity

Electoral integrity is increasingly undermined by threats to the information environment, including rampant disinformation, authoritarian tactics, influence of corporate ownership that limit the space for free expression, the commodification of media and polarization among the electorate and public figures. Independent, impartial and credible media is essential for equipping the public with the knowledge and information they need to participate in democratic debates, engage with political figures, hold officials accountable and resist manipulation. IFES provides targeted training programs, technical assistance and guidance to media professionals, election management bodies and other stakeholders to strengthen the media’s essential watchdog role and information integrity. IFES’ approach to strategic media support is consistent with its commitment to gender equality and linguistic pluralism and inclusion, and to challenging all forms of discrimination and hate.

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IFES Democratic Resilience Lab

IFES designs, tests and deploys innovative strategies and capabilities to strengthen democratic resilience and counter backsliding and authoritarianism.

Focus Areas

IFES joins with others to tackle the most pressing issues for democracy and elections today.