Research and Awareness Building in Political Finance

Efígie da República, an allegorical figure, wearing a crown of laurel leaves, used on Brazil's currency

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) grounds its programs in research conducted at a national, regional and global level, and examines the interconnectedness of political finance and other electoral issues, such as electoral violence, electoral integrity and the political participation of women. IFES also conducts public opinion research to gauge national attitudes on issues such as political finance reform, the use of campaign funds, funding for campaigns and reporting of campaign expenditures and the prevalence of vote buying. Examples of this include:

In addition to qualitative and quantitative research, IFES also works to increase public awareness and understanding of political finance regulation both in the countries we work in and on a global level.

Examples of this include:

  • Developing a public service announcement in Ukraine to explain the objectives of political finance reform; good practices and international standards in regulating the role of money in politics; and steps needed to ensure the effective implementation of reform, and 
  • Leading a panel discussion at a global “Money in Politics” conference about the important role constructive dialogue between government institutions, political parties, candidates, civil society groups and media plays in increasing overall compliance with political finance regulations.

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