Elections in Tunisia: Steps Towards Elections in 2011

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24 Feb 2011

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As Tunisians focus much of their attention on events unfurling across the region, there remains political commitment and activity towards ensuring progress with democratic transition through political reform and the conduct of new elections. Although there remains some uncertainty as to what steps to take first, the momentum for electoral reform seems to have been given powerful impetus through the commitments of the Transitional Government and the establishment of the HCPR. Their mandate to be the lead on identifying next steps for transforming the declared intentions into an effective and reforming framework is challenging, especially given the timeframe provided to them. Over coming weeks, the HCPR’s work on draft new legislation will benefit from its consultation with stakeholders as well as the introduction of a new level of transparency for governance in Tunisia that should set important precedents and levels of public confidence for the way in which the next elections will be conducted. 

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