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Romanian Non Governmental Organziations Forum, April 30 - May 3 1995: Development of the Civil Society


For the second time, more than one hundred people, representatives of citizens and of the government have been offered the opportunity to discuss issues of utmost importance for the development of the civil society in Romania.

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), through the program financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in cooperation with the Foundation for Pluralism (Fundatla pentru Pluralism – FpP), through the program financed by the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe – REC) have organized the second edition of the NGO Forum, in Brasov on April 30-May 3. This event had brought together representatives of more than 65 Romanian non-governmental organizations, of many financing organizations that develop programs in Romania, and of the House of Deputies, House of Senate and the Romanian Government.

The Forum was a good opportunity for the civil society representatives to discuss with representatives of the government about specific Issues from their field of activity and especially about the lacks of the actual legal framework.  In the same time, the representatives of the government have been offered the opportunity to present their point of view on the existence and activity of non-governmental organizations and also to present their strategy for the assistance in the field of civil society, etc.

The NGO representatives participated very actively in the workshops that had as a main goal the drafting of the final versions of the "White Papers" on the six fields: 1. Civic: 2. Economic Development; 3. Human Rights; 4. Media; 5. Protection of the Environment; 6. Youth.  The preliminary versions were amended by the participants. The final versions of the "White Papers" are offered in this brochure to all those interested.

A very important part of the second edition of the NGO Forum was the passing at the initiative of a group of participants of two resolutions, one regarding the necessity of a law of access to information and another regarding the necessity of a new law regulating the registration and activity of associations and foundations. The resolutions were passed by the plenary and were submitted to the Parliament. Besides these resolutions, a presentation was made on the positions of the NGOs regarding the provision of the Forestry Code (Art. 37. Par. 4) regarding grazing in forests.  This resolution was signed by many NGOs and was subsequently submitted to the Parliament.

For the second time it was discussed the formation of an Information Office for NGOs within the Romanian Parliament project that was discussed at the first edition of the Forum.
Following the NGO Forum a workgroup was created to draft an amendment to the law 21/1924 law that is currently governing the activity of NGOs in Romania.

The organizers wish to thank the NGO Forum 1995 participants for their efforts and for the activity they develop for the consolidation of the civil society in Romania. Also our gratitude goes to the authors of the "White Papers" preliminary versions that facilitated greatly the workshop activities. And finally, we wish to thank USAID and REC for their funding and support. In the absence of which this event could not take place.

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