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Guinea Presidential Elections, December 14, 1998



1. Origin of the Mission


At the request of US AID/GUINEA, in the context of its "Strategic Objective-Democracy and Governance" program, two experts from IFES were sent on a mission to the Republic of Guinea in December 1997, in order to, among other things:

•         assess the legal framework for the 1998 Presidential elections;

•         propose recommendations for the pre-electoral, electoral and post-electoral periods in terms of support for the activities involved;

•         submit an electoral technical assistance plan.  


In light of the report submitted by these experts, USAID decided to support a major electoral assistance program focusing on the following main areas:

•         providing technical assistance to the Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization in the form of consulting services for all matters relating to preparing and conducting the electoral process and everything relating to the elections;

•         coordinating international assistance;

•         facilitating communication among all the parties involved in the electoral process;.

•         helping to implement a national civic education and voter education campaign.


The first three items above were delegated to IFES, which sent an Electoral Expert on June 7, 1998.


The last item was delegated to the National Democratic Institute (NDI).  


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