Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

One billion people in the world have a disability. The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) works toward fostering partnerships among disabled person’s organizations (DPOs), civil society and governments. IFES strives to remove barriers which prohibit full participation of persons with disabilities as voters and candidates. When barriers are removed, voters with disabilities are afforded their full rights as citizens.

Since 1997, IFES has focused on taking a leading role to ensure persons with disabilities can cast a ballot with dignity and privacy. In 1998, IFES established, the world's first and only free resource solely dedicated to the global political rights of persons with disabilities. To date, IFES has successfully implemented disability programs in every region of the world.

As a learning organization, IFES has an internal Knowledge Management Initiative Working Group on Disability Access and Inclusion to help grow the research, tools and technical expertise we offer our partners worldwide.

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